Scheduling Dialogs

by C.W. Holeman III

See: Dialog Overview

Once an Admin has created a post they will see three buttons under the text editor: Post Now, Schedule and Cancel.


Post Now: Clicking this will publish the dialog board post immediately.

Cancel: Clicking this will return the user back to the main board, and their post will be not be saved

Schedule: Clicking this will provide the user with a scheduling modal. 


To Schedule:

With this new modal, Admins can select a publish date and time by clicking the calendar icon. A menu with calendar and time selector will appear for the Admin and Admins can set their desired schedule. 




The time zone that is applied to the scheduled time is based on the Scheduled Email Timezone configuration that has been set on the LMS via the Systems tab in the Admin tool. Information about the time zone is provided in the modal. 

Once the Admin has selected a date and time for publication, they will click on the Schedule button to set the schedule. 

They will receive a quick confirmation modal outlining the details of their selected schedule.

Scheduled Post Panel

The new scheduled post panel provides an overview of all of the dialog board posts that have been scheduled for the LMS. This page is only visible to Admins that have the ability to schedule a dialog board post.

On this new page, Admins are able to see every scheduled post along with their publish dates, 

Additionally, there is an Actions menu located on the upper right of each posts that allows Admins to make edits to posts, elect to publish scheduled posts immediately, as well as delete posts. 

Editing a Scheduled Post

Making edits to scheduled posts is easy. Simply select Edit from the drop down menu and you’re taken to the post itself to make any desired changes to the content, the configurations or the scheduled publish date itself. Save any updates and your post is ready to be published at the scheduled time once again.

Post Now

If you need to post a scheduled article immediately, select Post Now:

Delete a Scheduled Post

To remove a Scheduled dialog from going live simply select Delete Post from the drop down options and confirm the deletion on the pop up modal by clicking Delete Post.


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