Dialog Post Notification Emails

by C.W. Holeman III

Notification emails which are sent for Dialog Posts (Admin Tool --> Communications Tab --> Dialogs --> any dialog) now have the ability to include preview content directly in the email body. This serves two primary purposes:

  1. Provide a brief glimpse of what the content of the Dialog Post is.
  2. Entice the user to engage with the notification and to access the LMS for more details on your content.

An Email Notification example.


A few items to note:

  1. Followers of the dialog will always receive the email notification. You can also Broadcast to Audience to send this email notification to non-followers of the dialog.
  2. The preview text is limited to 300 characters (as indicated in by the counter on the lower right corner). Previews over this length will be truncated.
  3. Hyperlinks & HTML based formatting is not supported in the email notification. However, basic formatting, such as bold, italics, etc. is available.
  4. Pictures / Images are not supported in the email notification.
  5. A Preview text is not required for the poster to send a notification.


Dialog Post Notification Emails will now contain:

  1. The Now@ Dialog banner.
  2. The content entered into the Email Preview section of the post, if any.
  3. A See Full Dialog Post button.




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