Global Search

by C.W. Holeman III

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Global Search is available on every page of the Learner Tool via the magnifying glass in the top-right corner of each page:


The Learner Tool leverages Full Text Search that compares every word in the search term and allows for rapid index searching on text entered in the Global Search field. Furthermore,  Global Search now allows the ability to search for best match search (i.e. locating modules when searching for module) and provides relevant search results based on multiple term matches and then exact term matches. Additionally, Module, Media and User Contribution Module results are presented in order with the most exact and relevant matches filtering to the top of results, allowing users to find what they’re looking for faster.

With this enhancement, emphasis has been placed on matching the searched term(s) with terms found in a Module, Media or User Contribution Module’s title and/or description. In particular, if multiple exact matches of the search term(s) is found in the title of a Module, Media or User Contribution Module, those results will be listed first in the search results. This is followed by results from a single match of the search term(s) in the title of a Module or User Contribution Module.

By leveraging the indexing capability for full text search, one of the constraints is that the Global Search on the learner tool will only take effect once there are three or more characters that are entered in the search field. The reason is that there are too many matches that can be made for two character searches, which would significantly slow down search functionality. Only searches of three character or more will be executed on the Global Search in the Learner Tool.

Tags In Search

Tags will apply only to Modules. Thus Tag filtering will occur only on the Module and User Contributed module results sections. When a Tag is selected by the end user, the Media results and Community results sections will be hidden. When the same Tag is de-selected, the Media results and Community results sections will be re-displayed. Only one tag can be selected at a time for the filtering of search results.



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