Quick Enrollments

by C.W. Holeman III

A Quick Enroll Enrollment (also known as a Quick Enrollment) is a type of limited Enrollment that is, as the name implies, very fast & simple to implement. 

Role Ability 

A new ability can be granted to Partial Admins that will grant them the ability to create and manage Quick Enrollments. Found in the Admin Tool -> Users -> Roles -> Role Abilities -> Modules, the Manage Quick Enrollments can be enabled for any role, independent of the Manage Enrollments ability. 


Note: Roles with Manage Enrollments enabled will automatically have Manage Quick Enrollments enabled as well.  

Create Quick Enrollments 

Users with Manage Quick Enrollments enabled for the role will have the ability to select one or many users from the Users tab and quickly enroll them in required content with a few clicks. 

When an Admin first navigates to the Users -> Users page, they will see an inactive Quick Enroll button at the top of the page. 


In order to create a Quick Enrollment for one or a group of users, Admin simply need to select the desired users and the Quick Enroll button will be activate. 


Clicking the Quick Enroll button will initiate the Quick Enroll wizard. In this wizard, Admins are guide through a few steps to easily assign required Modules to a user, just like they would if they created a more traditional standard enrollment. 

However, the configuration of a Quick Enrollment differs from other Enrollments in the following ways: 

  1. They are one-time enrollments (no recurrence can be added). 

  1. Any previous completion of the assigned Modules is reset. 

  1. The enrollment is activated once setup is complete. 

  1. All assigned Modules have the same due date. 

  2. They are uneditable after activation (no changes can be made to users, modules or due date). 

Admins are advise of the configuration of Quick Enrollments when they first click the Quick Enroll button. 


Step 1: Add Module 

In the first step, Admins will check the checkbox next to the Module(s) they would like to assign to their selected users. A search bar is available in the modal to help find the desired Module(s). Admins can select multiple Modules.  


Once desired Module(s) have been selected, Admins will click Add Modules. 

Step 2: Set Due Date 

In step 2, Admins will determine the due date for completion of the selected Modules.  


Under the Due by drop down menu, they can select either Countdown from Enrollment or Due Date to determine when the user needs to complete content by.  

Countdown from Enrollment grants the enrolled users a specific timeframe within which they should complete the content. For example, Admins may want to give their users 4 weeks to complete the content from the day the enrollment is activated.


Due Date sets a static calendar date users will need to complete content by. 


Step 3: Activate 

In this step, the Admin is given a summary of the Quick Enrollment they just created. Information about the Activation Date, the Users that are being enrolled, and the settings around that specific enrollment are shown to the Admin for final review.  


If the Admin wants to make edits to the enrollment prior to activating, the can navigate to different steps in the wizard by clicking on the steps at the top of the modal. 

Once the details of the enrollment are ready, Admins can click the optional Notify Users and then activate the enrollment by clicking the Activate Now button.  

Enrollment Details 

After activating the Quick Enrollment, the Admin is taken to the enrollment details page. There, they will be able to see details about the enrollment.  


Additionally, Admins will be able to edit the title of the enrollment, which is automatically generated upon activation. 


Enrollments Page 

On the Enrollment page, a new filter has been created to help Admin find enrollments that have been created through the Quick Enroll feature.  



Existing enrollment-related reports will be able to report on Quick enrollments in the same manner as Standard and Recurring enrollments.  

Time-Based Permissions 

The Rules Engine has been enhanced with the ability to create time-based permissions.  


We’re introducing a new operand that expands the use of a date to create time-based permissions.  

When an Admin builds a rule using a Date-type profile field, they will see two new options available: Plus [time frame], and Minus [time frame]. 


When Plus or Minus is selected, the Admin will be able to add a particular timeframe to that operand.  


Admins can select from Days, Weeks, Months and Years along with a number from 1 – 99.  


For example, if the Admin is interested in creating a module or enrollment that grants access or enrolls users that have been hired to the organization for at least 30 years, they may create a rule statement that reads: 

Hire Date plus 30 days. 


This would grant access to the module or enroll any users that have been hired for at least 30 days from the day the module is activated.  

In another example, if the Admin is interested in granting access to a module, or enrolling users only after a certain point in time, they could add more rules that are tied with an AND in between (as illustrated below).  


This would grant access to the module, or enroll users, only after they have been hired for at least 30 days from January 1, 2024.  


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