Audiences in Enrollments - January 2021

by C.W. Holeman III



Admins can now only create and apply enrollments to the audience(s) they have access to.

When creating a custom role with “Manage Enrollments” ability enabled, Super Admins can now specify the audiences within which that new custom role user can create and manage Enrollments.

Admin users that have “Manage Enrollments” enabled as well as a defined audience will now only be able to create Enrollment that apply to one or more of their assigned audiences. They will also only be able to see the Enrollments that they have created. User will continue to have the ability to be assigned multiple audiences and have multiple roles.


Additionally, if the user has multiple roles with “Manage Enrollment” enabled, they will be able to create Enrollments applicable to the individual roles (and associated audience) that have been assigned.


Defining Audiences for Custom Roles

During the role creation process, Super Admins can follow the established process to enable “Manage Enrollments” to the role, and as well continue to define the role’s audience through the established workflow. Admins will not be able to edit or alter their defined Audiences.


Figure 8 – Admin Tool – Custom Role Creation


Admin’s Value

When a custom role is created using “Admin’s Value” to define the audience rules and the below conditions are met, the “Admin’s Value” fields cannot be edited or deleted.

The role has the “Manage Enrollments” ability enabled
The role has associated enrolment sets

The audience for this particular type of custom role will be locked and a visual indicator is placed on the audience to display this.


Figure 9 – Admin Tool – Locked Audience


Audience Previews

Single-Role Enrollment

For users that have only one role with “Manage Enrollments” abilities, when creating new enrollments, an Admin will be able to see the details of their defined audience when creating an enrollment. The audience for this admin is locked (locked audience) and cannot be edited. The rules engine can still be applied to this enrollment if further rules are desired.


Figure 10 – Admin Tool – Create Enrollment


Figure 11 – Admin Tool – Module Settings



Multi-Role Enrollment

For users that have multiple roles assigned, and more than one of those roles have “Manage Enrollments” enabled, the user can create different enrollments for each of their roles and associated audiences.



Figure 12 – Admin Tool – Create Enrollment – Select Audience


Figure 13 – Admin Tool – Module Settings


After selecting the role for which an enrollment is being created, within the Enrollment Details page an “Info” widget to the left will be visible and shows the role this enrollment is created for.


Figure 14 – Admin Tool – Module Settings

Editing Role Audiences

When the audience of an existing custom role with “Manage Enrollments” enabled is changed in some way, the Super Admin will be notified of the effects of this change. A modal will appear when the Admin clicks “Save Changes” – the Admin will need to acknowledge the changes by checking the checkbox within the modal to save and update changes.



Figure 15 – Admin Tool – Roles - Edit Audience Modal


Deleting Custom Role

When deleting a custom role with “Manage Enrollments” enabled, the Super Admin will see a pop-up modal outlining the effects deleting this role may have on existing enrollments. The Admin will need to acknowledge the effects of the change prior to deleting the role.



Figure 16 – Admin Tool – Roles – Delete Role


Enrollment Details

Role Information
New details about the enrollment have been added to the Enrollment Details page! When creating a new enrollment, Admins will be able to see the role the enrollment was created for, as well as the corresponding audience that the enrollment applies to. This information will only appear for Admins that have multiple roles. If the Admin has only one role, this is not visible.

New Filters

Two new filters have been added to the Enrollments page to make it easier to find what you’re looking for:

  • Active/Inactive: filter by the status of the Enrollment
  • Associated Role: filter by the roles that the user has been granted. If the user has only one role, this filter will not appear.


Figure 17 – Admin Tool – Module Settings

























































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