Enrollment Overview

by C.W. Holeman III

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Enrollment Sets Vs Permissions

An Enrollment is a system to require a set of users to complete specified content. Note that this is distinct from permissions. Permissions grants access to content, whereas an Enrollment makes that piece of content mandatory for the given user. In other words: while permissions establish the audience able to access content, Enrollment establishes those people who must complete that content. Make sure your Enrollees match the module permissions. Even if someone is Enrolled, they won’t have access without having permission to the content itself.

Creating Enrollment Sets

Within the Admin Tool --> Modules tab --> Enrollment pill. Click the ‘Create Enrollment’ button. Give your new Enrollment a title and description. These are for your information only—get as specific and descriptive as makes sense to you.

Since learners won't see Enrollment titles or descriptions, you can use them to help you know who should be added to which Enrollment and which modules need to be included in the set. For example, sexual harassment training might be required of everyone, while server training is required for only a segment of your users.

Enrolling Users

By default, all users are included in a new Enrollment. To change the list of Enrolled users, click on the blue ‘Define Users’ button under the Users Enrolled section:

Adding Modules

Next, you’ll select the modules that you want included in a particular Enrollment, as many or as few as you like. When you set up reports, the Enrollment Set Report will display all modules and courses you include. Once the module(s) have been added, you’ll need to designate a specific time frame to complete the content. It can be set to one of two options:

  1. A countdown, which gives every user the same number of days, beginning when each user is first Enrolled. This is great for things like onboarding or position-based training.
  2. A specific due date, which is the same for all learners regardless of when they are Enrolled in the module. This works well for limited time offers or anything with a hard due/end date.

Final Step

An Enrollment must be set to Active in order to function. 


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