Modules Overview

by C.W. Holeman III


A module is essentially a bucket for content or other modules. A single module might train your staff on submitting timesheets, offer registration for an event, serve up a funny video, or contain numerous other sub-modules. A sub-module is just an ordinary module that has been included inside another module.

In addition to modules, you can also deliver content via dialog posts or widgets. However, the richest system with the ability to track completions, award point, and other powerful features are exclusive to modules.

There are many ways to customize a module. You have complete control over who can access a module through module permissions. You can access reports on who has viewed or completed a module within an assortment of module reports. You can assign subject matter experts through advocates, add tags for searchability, and modify overall module settings.

Wisetail’s module authoring tool is designed to be flexible while helping you create clear, visually appealing modules. We suggest that you start by thinking about the content that you have to share with your audience and organizing it into a simple outline. This will help you decide what and how much goes into each module, which modules join together to form a course (typically organized as sub-modules within an overview module), and which learners need what content.


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