Settings and Terms

by Wisetail Technical Support

The Settings pill is found under the system tab. A number of Settings can be adjusted here that will be reflected in the entire site and how it will function for users.

This guide is lengthy, so stay with us. The reward at the end will be total consciousness. Or a cookie. Who knows? Only one way to find out.



There are six areas that you’ll be able to adjust:

  1. Basic Settings
  2. Notifications
  3. Approval
  4. Password
  5. Points
  6. Messages

Let’s take a deeper dive into each area.

Basic Settings

  • LMS Name – The name you give your LMS
  • Company Name – Add the name of your company
  • Company Web Address – This is the web address for your company’s site
  • Admin “To” Email – The email address that all emails from the system will go to
  • System “From” Email – The email address that all emails from the system will come from. Important note: this email is a ‘no-reply’ alias
  • Scheduled Email Time Zone – The Default Timezone for scheduled reports and Enrollment due date notifications
  • Filter @Work Content – Choose to restrict access to content while users are not at an approved @Work location (more on this later)
  • Username Editable by User – Choose whether you want a user to have the ability to edit their username



Within the Settings pill you will encounter a few notification options: overall notifications, enrollment notifications, and event notifications (all shown below).


Overall Notifications: This is an on/off toggle that controls all email notifications generated from the system. If this is OFF users will not receive any notification emails from the LMS. If this is ON, all of the system notifications will send according to the settings (more on that below).

Enrollment: There are two choices for enrollment notifications. You can select either (or both) of these:

  • Email user when they have content due in one week
  • Email user when they have content due in one day

Keep in mind, this will be automatically sent to users, you won’t have to send these yourself.

Important Note:

If both of these notifications are selected, a user will receive an initial enrollment notification email when they satisfy the enrollment set.

If these notification options are NOT selected, users will only receive an initial notification if the ‘Notify Users’ button is selected in the enrollment rule set.

Event Notifications: Event notifications also have two options:

  • Email a user when their registration status for an event changes
  • Email a user when they have an event session starting in 1 day

Important note on Event Notifications:

‘Registration Status Change’ emails are generated when a user is either registered or unregistered from an event, as well as when a user is added or removed from an Event session’s waiting list. The notifications for registration status changes will send regardless of whether they are user-driven or admin/instructor-driven.


  • User Contributed Content – User Generated Content uploaded through the share page, by learners (the drop-down will give you the option to require approval or not require approval).
  • User Profile Media – The media that a user can upload to their own profile (the drop-down will give you the option to require approval or not require approval).

If you have trouble deciding on these, something to remember is that user-contributed content can live on the homepage, viewable to every user. The user profile media will live on a user’s profile page only. It isn’t as public as a user contribution.



  • Minimum Password Length – number of characters required to form a password.
  • Password Complexity – Define the guidelines for creating a strong password.
  • Password Attempts – The number of attempts allowed for incorrect password entry. The number of attempts, within a set period of time, and the length of time before a user can try again are adjusted here.
  • Users Must Change Their Password – Use the dropdown to adjust when a user should change their password.



  • Login – The point value awarded with a login.
  • Comment – The point value awarded when a user comments.
  • Comment on Comment – The point value awarded when a user comments on a comment.
  • Recognition Message Sent – The point value of sending a recognition message.
  • Recognition Message Received – The point value of receiving a recognition message.
  • Content Contributed and Approved – The point value of contributing content through the share tab and has that content approved.
  • User Likes Contribution (Received by Contributor) – Points awarded for likes on content that a user has contributed.
  • Dialog Post – The point value awarded when a user creates a dialog post. 


  • Login Welcome Message – The message that appears on the login page when first accessing the LMS – Not Available yet
  • Login Terms and Conditions – Terms and conditions that a user agrees to when on the login page – Not Available yet
  • Password Reset Help Message – This is the message that will appear if a user selects “Forgot Password” on the login page – Not Available yet
  • Password Requirements – This message populates any time a user changes their password
  • Points Tooltip Message – This message populates under the points icon in the nav bar



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