Scheduled Report Delivery Via Email or sFTP

by C.W. Holeman III


Reports can be scheduled to be delivered by either email, sent to an sFTP server under your control, or both.

Note: The sFTP functionality must be enabled by Technical Support before you can begin. You will need to Submit a Ticket to us if you are interested in utilizing this functionality.

Only Super Admis can schedule reports to be sent to an sFTP server (in addition to emailed reports). Other users can send to email only.

Emailing Reports

To schedule a report, open a custom or saved report, scroll down to the ‘Schedule Report’ section. Specify the date and time, as well as the people who should receive the report. Reports are sent to an individual’s email (to as many people as you want, added as comma-separated values). It’s that easy! Reports are sent as a .CSV file. If you want to stop the report from being sent, select the blue ‘Cancel’ button above the ‘send to (emails only)’ text box.


PRO TIP: Add the ‘saved reports’ dashboard widget on your admin dashboard for quick access.


Reports via sFTP


  1. sFTP Setup
  2. sFTP profile creation is in System
  3. Up to 5 sFTP profiles can be created




  1. Testing the sFTP Connection
  2. sFTP connection success notification
  3. Click “Save” to save credentials and close the notification
  4. sFTP connection failure notification
  5. Click “Okay” to close the notification and edit credentials
  6. Activate the sFTP profile

4. sFTP Report Scheduling

  1. Once an sFTP profile is successfully set-up and activated, go into a Saved Report — under the Schedule Report panel, to select an sFTP profile from a drop-down menu

  1. The send of the report will occur according to the Date/Time/Frequency inputs provided
  2. Send To (Emails Only) would continue to work as is — at least one recipient must be entered
  3. As long as the credentials provided stay the same, the report will send at the specified times

You can now also specify a port when configuring a connection.



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