Reports Overview

by Wisetail Technical Support

Start with the Basics

We offer a ton of reports. As such, we don’t expect you to remember precisely what each one does. Select the gray arrow to the left of a report name to see a short description of each one.


Report Features

Filters! Depending on the type of report you select, you’ll have details to report on, as well as the ability to filter information for more precise data. Filtering a report is the same as setting up a rule for a module or course audience (it’s based on the profile fields available in your LMS.) The filter feature helps an admin drill down to the desired reporting audience.

*Filter not available on all reports


Customizing Reports

To save a system report, select the blue ‘Save Report’ button on the top right of the report. Give it a title, then save. The report you just saved will then be listed under the ‘Saved Reports’ pill within your individual profile. You also have the option to select “Save as Custom Report.” If you select this option, a custom report will be created within the reports pill with the new title and a blue “Custom Report” label next to it.

See: Reports, System Reports, Saved Reports, & Custom Reports






Additional Areas to Access Reports

You can find all of the reports listed below by navigating to a user profile, selecting a module, on a badge, in content pieces, or within an enrollment rule. You get it, they are everywhere. The list of reports is always located in the sidebar.

Individual User Profile Reports


Module and Course Level Reports


Enrollment Reports


Reporting is an important and powerful tool! It provides a window into the health of your site and allows admins to gather critical metrics and data points. Please reach out to your CX rep for more best practices and reporting tips based on your specific needs!



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