Feature Release - 12 July 2021

by C.W. Holeman III

Schedule Enrollments

With the second half of 2021 we are delighted to announce the unavailing of Schedule Enrollments. Schedule Enrollments [sic] fundamentally changes the way that Enrollments work. An Enrollment is the system that allows you to require a set of users to complete specified content in a defined time frame.

Prior to this point, an Enrollment was one-and-done. You might have, for example, an Enrollment that would kick off when a user was created, that contained the first month's worth of content a new user should consume. Or perhaps leading up to an event, such as Black Friday, you might have an Enrollment that trained your employees on everything they would need to know to handle the expected coming madness. But in every case, once an enrollment was complete, that was the end of that.

With Schedule Enrollments, all of that changes.

With Schedule Enrollments you can create an enrollment that must be completed on a regular basis. This will be incredibly useful for you if you have any kind of training or certifications that have to be completed on a regular basis. Do your employees need to retake a CPR class every year? Perhaps some of your users need to re-certify on forklift training once a quarter? Whatever your use-case, Schedule Enrollments will help you spend less time fiddling with your LMS, and more time getting work done.

The impact of Schedule Enrollments is vast, reaching to nearly every corner of the product; we have had to completely rebuild the Enrollment system, revamp the majority of reports, update module completion tracking, and on and on. We normally provide a detailed breakdown in the Feature Release Notes of how new functionality will impact you, but in this case, there's just too much new goodness. But here's a few kicking off points for you: 

And More

In addition to all the goodness above, we have made numerous other improvements to the Wisetail LMS this month. These include a number of improvements to Low Bandwidth Mode, as well several dozen minor enhancements and bug fixes.



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