Feature Release: 1 Novemeber 2021

by C.W. Holeman III



The word of the month is Hierarchy. Hierarchy is a game-changer in terms of quickly building permissions, enrollments, and other rules. In a nutshell, Hierarchy allows you to define a laddered list of profile fields such that you can specify rules that select everything from a given level up to the top level, or down to the bottom level.

Read the detailed Hierarchy Overview here.


Report Behavior Change

In addition to the major rollout of the new Hierarchy feature, this release contains numerous smaller changes. The most important change is a rollback of a change made in the October release. The Module Views Report and the Module Activity Report will once again (due to your requests) show total numbers of views, rather showing the initial view based on an enrollment time frame.



  • Made optimizations to the Datafeed system.
  • Added clarifying language around password complexity.
  • Tidied up the visuals for module permissions.
  • Minor improvements to text blocks.
  • A few tweaks to enhance search.
  • Eliminated a bug that prevented opening a banner link in a new tab.
  • Made reporting more consistent from report to report.
  • Built a small usability enhancement on language selection.
  • Improved widget previews with iFrames.
  • Corrected an issue around image carousels.
  • And many more small changes.



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