Feature Release - 9 August 2021

by C.W. Holeman III

Schedule Enrollments Enhancements 

Continuing to deliver on the scheduling theme, Wisetail has included enhancements to our Schedule Enrollments feature in order to provide further clarifications and inform our customer admin users when editing active enrollments.

Schedule Module Activation 

To add further to the scheduling theme, Wisetail is pleased to roll out the ability to set and forget the activation/inactivation dates for modules. Admins can set in advance the activation date when creating or editing a module, and if desired, can also set a future inactivation date.

Additionally, a Scheduled filter option has been added so that Admins can easily see which of their modules have a future Activation Date set.

See the Deep Dive for more detailed info.

Bulk Chronospecific Module Completions

An enhancement has been added to the existing Module Completion Bulk Action functionality that will deliver workflow efficiencies for Admins. Admins will now be able to bulk update and apply different module completion dates for their users via the Bulk Action Tool via a .csv upload.

We have also enhanced the error messaging with specific details when executing bulk actions to help you find and correct any errors in your uploaded .csv files.

Global Search Enhancements 

An improvement to Global Search has been made around the results returned for Media content and User Contributed Media & Module content. Results found under User Contributed content and/or Media content will now be presented first with the most exact matches followed by results from partial matches.



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