Feature Release: 29 Novemeber 2021

by David Moczygemba

The 29 November 2021 release deploys the following functionality enhancements.


Hierarchy Updates

The listed improvements below have been made to the recently released Hierarchy Feature:

  • Updates to improve hierarchy general performance and responsiveness
  • Capability to sort by title or code added for the hierarchy list view
  • Inclusion of hierarchy field in the Audit Report

Viewing the Hierarchy

Viewing the hierarchy structure for the organization or seeing more information about the users and rules set up at each level of the hierarchy, can be done from the profile field page.

There are two views available:

  • Tree - the tree view provides a simple view of the hierarchy laid out in a hierarchical tree format.
  • List - the list view displays the following information for each value in the hierarchy:
    • Title
    • Code
    • Parent
    • Number of users at that value
    • Number of users at or below that value
    • Expand the row to see more information about where this value is referenced in a rule

Searching for specific values is supported in both views.  


**When searching from the tree view, the values that will be searched on are those being displayed in the tree (based on the display format).  However, when searching on the list view, the values searched will be Title and Code.**


Past Due Notification Banner

A new notification banner and Sort By filter option in the Learn page of the Learner Tool allows users to see exactly which modules they have overdue. Making it easier for learners to decide what content they should consider prioritizing will help ensure they are getting the information they need.

The notification banner below draws attention to overdue content. The user is able to click on the past due modules hyperlink in the banner to filter the visible content to that which is past due.



Past Due Module Overlay

On modules that are past due, a new overlay will appear along the bottom edge of the module. The overlay will read “PAST DUE” next to a warning icon and continue to display the module’s due date on the right.


Sort by Past Due

A new “Sort by” filter option has been created to help facilitate a learner looking to identify exactly which modules are overdue. Located alongside the other “Sort by” filter options (ie. Date, Popularity, Title, Incomplete Only (by Date)), the user can select this filter so that modules that are overdue are displayed. 


**Best Practice Tip: It is recommended that clients avoid creating Enrollments with Reference or User Contribution Modules as these types of Modules cannot be completed. As such, should the enrollment become overdue, there is no way for the Learner to complete the modules and the Past Due banner and overlay would continue to appear for the Learner indefinitely, or until those modules are removed from the enrollment.**


"Show More” Recognition Messages

Located in the Admin Tool -> Users -> Users -> A user’s profile -> Recognition Messages, the “Show More” button appears when the particular user has Recognition messages to display beyond the current default of 5. The recognition messages are now sorted in descending order by creation date. This is particularly useful to Admins that may want to delete inappropriate messages.



Each time the “Show More” button is clicked, 5 more Recognition messages will appear. The “Show More” button will continue to be available until all user Recognition messages are displayed. This button is available for both Received and Sent Recognition Messages.


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