Feature Release - 14 June 2021

by C.W. Holeman III

We have the the mother of all releases coming up soon, so a huge amount of work has been going into the groundwork for that. You may have noticed that the past few releases have seemed to be a little light on the visible work, and that's why.  We're excited to share all of that with you, so keep your eyes peeled in the near future.

New Functionality

That being said, we have a significant new feature that we released this morning: Low-Bandwidth Mode.

Low-Bandwidth Mode allows modules to be downloaded to a device so they can be consumed throughout the day. Low-Bandwidth Mode offers a way for locations with lower bandwidth availability to consume learning content while not affecting the performance of their mission critical applications (such as Point of Sale Systems). This feature was specifically developed for locations or entire brands which struggle with consistent access to high-quality internet connectivity, such as locations in malls or airports.

Check out our in-depth article explaining how it works.

New languages

  • Finnish is, er, Finished.

Check out our other supported languages! This brings our total up to 11 (plus a few variants, such as US & UK English).


We hammered out quite a few fixes to enhance system stability, as well as making everything work faster, cleaner, and smother. We were delighted to be able to bring you a better LMS by stomping out some bugs that you may have noticed as well: 

  • Several problems around Module completions.
  • An issue with the Audit Log not containing all the info it should.
  • A better Dynamic Pages experience.
  • A tiny -but frustrating- bug in Tests.
  • And, finally, allowed for better Announcement widget handling for when you you have a lot to say to your users.


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