Feature Release: 4 October 2021

by C.W. Holeman III

The 4 October 2021 Feature Release brings with it three enhancements worthy of note, and numerous improvements under the hood.

Report Customization

An enhancement has been made to the Observation Checklist Report. In a Wisetail first, in addition to the existing default columns of data, Users can now add additional columns to both top row and nested row data independently: 


Arabic Language Support

Wisetail now supports its first language with a right-to-left writing system; Arabic! See our full list of Supported Languages here.

Bulk Admin Actions Enhancement

Admins can now bulk edit the “Managed by” profile field for their Users by using an enhancement made to the existing Edit Profiles Bulk Admin Action. Changing Users “Managed by” status between Manually, Datafeed or SSO is now quick and easy.

Under the Hood

  • Daily Checklists are now known as Ontrack Daily Checklists.
  • Laid more groundwork for the upcoming Hierarchy enhancements.
  • Fixed a bug around Role permissions.
  • Corrected an issue with the password reset process.
  • Made several improvements to Widgets & Modules.
  • Assorted efficiency enhancements & system refinements.
























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