Feature Release: 21 February 2022

by C.W. Holeman III


Our release in the year's shortest month is a lean one on the visible side; but there's more going on under the surface.


Find the Right Enrollment Faster

We have added a new filter under Admin Tool → Modules → Enrollment. This Filter allows you to filter by the Enrollment Type when viewing Enrollments. The Types of Enrollments are Standard and Recurring.


Bulk Add PDF Previews

Based on your feedback we have enhanced the Add PDF Preview (from Library) functionality in the Module Builder. You can now select numerous PDFs simultaneously, and add them all to your module in a single action. (Note that when uploading PDFs, this can only be done one at a time.)



  • Enhancements to Datafeeds.
  • Fixed several bugs in modules, including better handling of module names with unexpected characters.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs across several reports.
  • Improvements to the Hierarchy tool.
  • Pages had a few rough edges taken care of.



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