Getting Started with OnTrack

by C.W. Holeman III

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See the OnTrack Overview.


After Wisetail Technical Support has enabled OnTrack for you, you can jump right in by visiting [yourSite]/ontrack/fulfill.

To administer OnTrack navigate to the Admin Tool --> OnTrack.

To complete the admin steps on your end to grant other admins access to OnTrack you may wish to create a link to the tool somewhere other than your Home page (which is enabled by default). You may also need to adjust roll permissions to allow a wider scope of users to administrate Amtrak acceptance.

Accessing OnTrack

You can access OnTrack as an end user either via the LMS, or from our mobile OnTrack App.

Via the LMS

Although the initial configuration places a link to OnTrack on your Home Page, you can direct users to OnTrack from anywhere you can place a link, such as in Modules, a Links Widget, emails, etc. (You can also remove the initial link on your Home page, if desired.) To access OnTrack from a Links Widget on another page use the following steps:

  1. Navigate to: Admin Tool --> System --> Pages --> Home.
  2. If the "Links Widget is already enabled, click "Manage". If not enabled, add the Links widget and click "Manage". Input the following:
    1. Image Upload: You can use any image you'd like but if you want you can use the official OnTrack Logo, which you can access here.
    2. Link URL: [site]/ontrack/fulfill
    3. Optional: click "Show More" > "Permissions" to restrict link visibility.

Role Abilities

While OnTrack is enabled for all users by default, clients who wish to utilize a custom role to delegate administrative privileges will need a Role Ability added to a custom role. To do that Create a new Custom Role, or edit an existing one as follows:

  1. In the Admin Tool --> Users --> Roles:
  2. Select or create a Role.
  3. Add "OnTrack" --> Full Access (Manage Checklists)

Ontrack | OnTrack Manager

The OnTrack Manager role allows Managers –shift leaders, general managers, area managers, and franchisees--to oversee, delegate, and even complete any checklist or action within their managed units, irrespective of checklist permissions.

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 2.17.46 PM.png

Wisetail platform admins create rules-based Manager Groups and bestow them with scope in the form of Unit Groups. The Unit Groups may be composed of either static multi-selections and/or based on the OnTrack Manager's profile values.

OnTrack Managers will then have access to their managed units in OnTrack, regardless of whether or not the unit is associated with their user profile. And within their managed units, managers will be able to oversee, delegate, and contribute in the fulfillment of all checklists regardless of checklist permissions. Managers and other team members, however, will not be able to user tag a manager that would otherwise not be permissible based on checklist permissions.

Additionally, OnTrack managers will gain access to Wisetail's admin tool and the reporting tab where they will be able to run OnTrack reports, the results and filtering for which will be limited to the units that they manage.



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