OnTrack: Tagging Users

by C.W. Holeman III


You can send notifications when a user is tagged on a checklist or action. By ensuring that OnTrack notifies users when they’ve been tagged, our clients can have extra reassurance that important updates won’t be missed by the people that need to see them. Is the refrigerator broken or have you run out of hand soap? You can now add a corrective action, tag the appropriate person and they’ll be notified and provided a link to the corrective action. Want somebody in particular to cover the PM cleaning list? Tag them and they’ll be provided with a link to the checklist you’d like them to complete.

Within the application, you’ll now see a togglable notification icon on the user tagging modal window for both checklists (fig. 1) and actions (fig. 2). Tagged users will then receive a notification via email (fig. 3):


The notification is togglable (on/off) while tagging a user. The notification is toggled ‘off’ by
default when tagging yourself (fig. 4), and ‘on’ by default when tagging somebody else (fig. 5). To enable or disable the notification, simply click the bell icon (fig. 6):



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