OnTrack Overview

by C.W. Holeman III

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OnTrack is a location-based Checklist and Action item collaboration tool, enabling users to  track, communicate, and collaborate in the successful fulfillment of compliance, safety, and quality control requirements.

We have multiple reports for tracking OnTrack activities.


OnTrack is a primarily location-based collaborative tool. Administrators create checklists and schedule required and non-required fulfillment at specific times and in specific locations. OnTrack users collaborate to fulfill checklists, as well as create and resolve Action items based on their shared locations.


Note: These are not Observation Checklists, which are an unrelated feature in the Wisetail LMS.

An OnTrack checklist is a set questions meant to be answered by OnTrack users. Administrators provide the instruction, organization, and management of checklist questions. OnTrack users provide the organization and collaboration to answer the questions as scheduled.


Actions are free-form “to-dos” utilized by OnTrack users to track, communicate and collaborate in the resolution of issues. Action items may be related to, and contribute to the successful fulfillment of, a specific checklist, checklist question, or neither.


When a team member opens an in progress checklist, they should immediately be able to see who started it, and when they check off that next task, they should receive some credit even if they aren’t the one who ultimately submits the checklist. Managers and admins also want to see that people aren’t just clicking through checklists, but rather they expect team members to reference and complete checklists within the flow of work, hence timestamps provide visibility into the intervals between the tasks.

The Application

Checklist Tab

The Checklist tab of OnTrack is the interface by which users access, review, and fulfill checklists. Each user who submits a checklist task will be listed as completing that task, both on the checklist itself, as well as in the The Submitted Checklist Report:

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 06.22.49.png

Linked Checklists

The Linked Checklist setting can be found in the admin tool > OnTrack > Checklists > Create/Edit Checklist page, in the Details section:

This setting enables/disables OnTrack application behavior, most notably shared checklist actions and corrective actions. When a linked checklist is utilized, unresolved corrective/checklist actions will be inherited by subsequent instances of the checklist, and–when utilized in conjunction with mandatory corrective actions–unresolved corrective actions will satisfy mandatory corrective action requirements. Unlinked checklists (checklists not utilizing the ‘Linked Checklist’ setting) do not inherit corrective actions and so unresolved corrective actions will not appear on subsequent checklist instances and will not satisfy mandatory corrective action requirements.

Pre-populated question types support (but do not require) configurations with an answering score (weight). Admins may determine that each answer is worth anywhere from 0-9999.99 units, depending on their desired scoring model.

Question TypesScreenshot 2023-04-15 at 16.44.03.png

  • To-Do List
  • Yes / No - N/Ascoring.png
  • 1-5 ratingsscoring.png
  • Pass/Failscoring.png
  • Yes/Noscoring.png
  • Media
  • Number
  • Long Text Input
  • Person
  • Range (Within the Range question type, there are three subtypes)
    • Min
    • Max
    • Min & Max

When the Min subtype is selected, the admin provides the minimum acceptable value (e.g 3), below which any value entered by the OnTrack end-user (e.g. 2.9) will trigger a ‘fail’ response. At or above (e.g. 4) will trigger a ‘pass’ response. The Max subtype works in a similar manner, as does the Min-Max option.

Checklists with scoring enabled show a scoring icon (scoring.png) on Checklists in the Admin tool:

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 06.32.16.png

Change Question Type

Question types can be changed later by selecting a question, clicking the 3 dots icon, and selecting Change Question Type.

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 4.39.21 PM.png

Reference Images, Videos, & Modules

OnTrack allows you to embed reference images or videos from your Wisetail media library into your
checklists along with linking Modules from the LMS as well.

     When configuring your checklists in Admin > Checklists > My Checklists > New/Edit Checklists,
     when you open the nav-menu next to any checklist question, you’ll now see the option to Attache
     Media > Images > From Library.

Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 3.21.21 PM.png

 This brings up the ‘Select Image from LMS Content Media’ modal window.

Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 3.22.40 PM.png

Once media has been selected, it’ll show just below the checklist question to which it was attached:

Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 3.23.38 PM.png

The Action

Actions in OnTrack is a location-based collaborative interface allowing end-users to to access, review, and fulfill action items, as well as create new ones for fulfillment.

Action Types

Corrective Actions - During the process of checklist fulfillment, when a Yes/No or Pass/Fail question is answered in the negative, a Corrective Action may be created and will persist  attached to the originating question, for the same checklist type and location, until resolved. Corrective actions may be accessed and resolved from the originating checklist type as well as from the Actions tab.

Checklist Actions - During the process of checklist fulfillment, a Checklist Action may be created and will persist attached to the originating checklist, for the same checklist type and location, until resolved. Checklist actions may be accessed and fulfilled from the originating checklist type as well as from the Actions tab.


History Tab

This tab a history of actions within Checklists.

Tagging Users

You can tag a user on a checklist item to help keep track of which people are are handling which tasks throughout the day. Only one user can be tagged on any given checklist.



Checklist Administration


End-users of OnTrack are only ever able to access checklists which they are permissioned to access This, for now, does not extend to Actions (only the checklist links), the admin tool, scheduling. If no rules are defined for a checklist all users may access the corresponding checklists, assuming they may also access the corresponding location.

Admins also the ability to disable on-demand access, limiting fulfillment to only
pre-scheduled checklists. This means they will not have a 'more checklists' dropdown in Ontrack.


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