OnTrack Actions

by C.W. Holeman III

Required Corrective Actions

Required Corrective Actions, where utilized, must be entered by checklist users before they may submit the checklist.

When a user provides a negative response (No, Fail, or Unacceptable), a Corrective Action can be to to be required. Required Corrective Actions are a prerequisite to submit an OnTrack Checklist. Admins can then exclude the requirement, on a question-by-question basis, if needed.

For questions requiring Corrective Action, team members will be prompted to add one whenever they provide a negative response (No, Fail, or Unacceptable).

A photo can be required in order to complete a Corrective Action.

Read-Only Actions

Read-Only Actions are informational only and are not added to the Actions tab. They do not receive a Due Date or Status, and users cannot tag a user on a Read Only Action. They are visibility-restricted to those with access to the checklist instance, Submitted Checklist Report, and downloadable PDF Report. 

Read Only Actions have the ability to be configured with an Allow Override. When enabled, the Allow Override setting allows the checklist user to disable the read-only attribute at the time of entry, thereby allowing the individual Checklist Action or Corrective Action to follow the normal workflow.


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