Ontrack Permissions

by C.W. Holeman III

What is it?

The ability to define the audience for an OnTrack checklist so that a specific checklist will only be seen by those who need it.

Why is it?

  • The addition of permissions on checklists.
  • Provides the ability to require specific checklists for only a select number of locations
  • Allows you to customize checklists for locations NOT within a specified region or other criteria.

How does it work?

From within the OnTrack admin tool, create a new checklist or edit an existing one.

  1. Click on + Checklist Permissions under Set Audience.
  2. Select how the permissions should be applied.
    1. ALL are true – all the selections made must be true in order to see the checklist.
    2. ANY are true – any one of the selections made must be true in order to see the checklist.
  3. Choose which permissions to use and make selection(s) from each list
  4. Review the statement preview to ensure you have applied all the permissions you would like
  5. Click Apply Now.
  6. Save the changes to the checklist (Save & Close or Activate).

Note: The options which appear under permissions are configurable. If you do not see a field you would like to apply permissions with, reach out to your CX Rep.


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