Feature Release - 2024 February (v5.48)

by Kayla Dusenberry

Duplicate Module-Level Permissions on Modules

Admins can now duplicate the module permissions along with content-level permissions. Please see Duplicate Modules Under Different Role for more information.

Add More Filters to Admin Dashboards

See just the data you’re looking for with enhanced filtering capabilities for admin dashboard widgets! Please see Advanced Filtering Options on Admin Dashboard Widgets.

OnTrack Report: Team Member Report

Gain insights into your top checklist submitters, see which team members are struggling to find their niche, with the new OnTrack Team Member report. Please see OnTrack Team Member Report for more information. 

Other Noteworthy Changes:

  • Access to Enrollment Widget
    Admins that have been assigned a role that only grants Manage Quick Enrollments ability can now add the Enrollment widget to their Admin dashboard.

  • OnTrack: Custom Checklist Title
    Added the ability to apply custom titles to checklist instances. Admins can now update the title of an open instance of a checklist or while opening a new checklist from the ‘+More Checklists’ dropdown, update the title. This also adds benefit for enhanced tracking when that title is carried over to the Submitted Checklist report. 

Wisetail Mobile App Enhancements & Fixes

We’re committed to delivering a premier mobile learning experience, and to that end we’re delivering mobile fixes and improvements to the mobile experience, including:

  • Fixed issues in courses, including auto-completing without reloading and some child modules not displaying.
  • Fixed issues in modules, including manual-complete modules auto-completing, scorm loading issues, video loading issues, non-video embedded content issues, completed events not displaying as completed, and multiple fixes and optimizations for images in modules.
  • Fixed multiple test issues, including intermittent freezing, hint display issues, and issues selecting multiple answers.
  • Displaying client default profile photos


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