Feature Release - 2024 June (v5.52)

by C.W. Holeman III

Introducing the Wisetail Drive CMS

Wisetail Drive is a media library, a mobile content management solution, and a solution on providing teams instant access to the resources they need to get their job done. See:

Additional Enhancements

The Modules Report

With two new enhancements, not only will admins get more data from the report, they’ll also be able to navigate and view the details of the report more easily.

View Module Permissions

We’ve added a new column to the report that displays permissions on the Module. When a row is expanded in the new Module Permissions column, Admins can see the permissions that currently exist on that module. This column cannot be exported via a .csv file.


Full Screen Viewing

The Modules Report now supports Full Screen Viewing: 


Global Search:

We're continuing to make improvements to our Global Search functionality with Filters and Pagination.

The new Created Within filters on Module search results enable users to narrow down the list of results by creation date. With several options available, users can find the most recently created module results to make it easier to find what they are looking for. The filter options available in the drop down include: all time, last 7 days, last 30 days, last 60 days, last 90 days. Module search results will now be clearly paginated to ensure that users are aware that there are possibly more results listed in subsequent pages:


OnTrack Updates

You can now use the Schedule Checklist Expiration Timeframe to auto-close scheduled checklist instances:

  • Right away once they become overdue.
  • At midnight following the due date+time.
  • At a set interval following the due date+time (e.g. 2 hours).

The next time your schedule runs (at midnight, based on your timezone in System Settings), the resulting checklists opened by the schedule will follow your newly configured expiration timeframe.


Linked Checklist auto-archiving (displacement) still applies. If an overdue checklist reaches the expiration timeframe, or if another instance of the same linked checklist type is opened at the same location—whichever occurs first—the overdue checklist will be auto-closed.

Detailed Completion Tracking

The Submitted Checklist Report now shows all closed and submitted checklists. As a rule, all required tasks in a submitted checklist have been completed, as this is prerequisite to submission. However, for closed checklists, you can now see which required tasks/questions have been completed and which questions/tasks remained incomplete at the time of closure, providing greater visibility into partial completions.


We also executed many many changes and updates and fixes across the Wisetail LMS, OnTrack, and laid the groundwork for all manner of delightful things to come in them, as well as for Wisetail Drive.



















































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