Feature Release - 2024 March (v5.49)

by C.W. Holeman III

This month's release has a lot going on.

Thumbnail Image Enhancements

  • Thumbnails now interact with your Media library!
    • Admins can now select from the existing Upload option, or select the new Select from Library option.
    • Selecting an image with a multi-language version for use in a Module the appropriate image will be displayed as per the user’s preferred language.
  • Multi-language Thumbnails are now supported as well.
    • NOTE: Adding image versions is not backwards compatible from the module itself. If module is currently using a multi-language thumbnail and the admin selects Change Thumbnail -> Upload, the newly uploaded image will override the existing thumbnail and not have associated language versions.
  • New “As Thumbnail” Section in Media Content:

Expanded Multi-Language Capability

  • More LMS content can now support multiple languages.
    • Multi-Language support now extends to embedded content.

Bulk Module Completions Progress Modal

  • After kicking off a bulk module completion, the Admin’s screen will grey out and they will see a progress modal indicating that the system is working on completing the process.

  • Instead of being stuck on the page while the process is running, the Admin is able to close the modal and will be taken back to the Bulk Completions page, where a flashing check mark will indicate that the system is still working.

LMS Mobile App Enhancements

  • Modules and User profiles how display points.
  • A User’s Observation Checklist status is clearly displayed to the user, and user can review previous evaluations.
  • User Profile updates: user can reset password, and add, update and delete profile photo.
  • Fixed issues identified with Homework, Flashcards, text blocks, videos and module completions.

Additional Updates & Changes

  • Cleaned up several Reports.
  • OnTrack bug fixes and minor updates.
  • User-To-User Datafeed fix.
  • Eliminated some minor Widget issues.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes occurred when duplicating Modules.
  • Repaired issues where some completions did satisfy Enrollment requirements.
  • Continued work on the ServSafe integration.
  • A few quick fixes to Pages.
  • Resolved an issue with Classes.
  • Corrected minor bugs in the Multi-Language tool.
  • And other minor fixes & changes.





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