Feature Release - 2024 April (v5.50)

by C.W. Holeman III

Introducing OnTrack Sparks

OnTrack Sparks are much like Sparks for Certifications and Badges (C&B), but for OnTrack Checklists. They're also far more powerful. Check out this article to see everything they can do.


Improvements to the Rules Engine

When using the Rules Engine, when using a Certification as the Conditional variable, you can now use Does Not Have Certification in addition to the previously supported Does Have Certification in the rule.


Additional Updates

  • When a global search is executed, the number of default results is now 10, with additional display options of 25 and 50.
  • Reports sent via email can be given a custom name. This name will appear in the subject of the email, as well as in the filename of the provided CSV.
    • Note: Custom report names are not currently available for reports sent via SFTP.
  • After an image has been uploaded to a Page Widget, Admins can click on the image to reveal a panel that provides the file name, as well as a Manage Media button. This new panel is available for the following page widgets:
    • Buttons
    • Banners
    • Badges
    • Links
    • My Pages
    • News
    • Video Player
    • Announcements
    • Photos
  • LMS App: Users can now reset their password in the App.

  • LMS App: Fixed issues identified with Module completions, & Homework.

  • SCORM improvements.
  • Upcoming feature work.
  • Bugs eliminated:
    • Modules
    • @Work
    • Widgets
    • Certifications
    • Welcome Email
    • Reports
    • OnTrack
    • And More.






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