Feature Release - 2024 May (v5.51)

by C.W. Holeman III

Fresh Paint for Tags

We’ve changed the looks & titles of the previously labeled MODULE TAG RESULTS and POPULAR SEARCH TERMS in Global Search results. The areas are now have the titles FILTER BY TAG and FILTER BY POPULAR TERM. This is intended to make it more clear that these are additional filter options users can select.

The functionality remains the same – users are able to click the desired Tag or Search Term and results will be shown to the user.

Page Widgets

For several Page Widgets (News and Announcements), limits to the number of pieces of content have been implemented to ensure site performance. For these  widgets a limit of 99 items is now in place.

OnTrack: Option for Required Photo

Admins can now require the attachment of a photo for failed Requires Corrective Actions. Admins can also view the follow-up from their mobile device, and follow-up as needed. 

Misc Changes

We also made improvements to, or resolved bugs in the following areas:




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