Feature Release: 2023 January 23 (v5.35)

by C.W. Holeman III


Our second Feature Release this month has --count'em-- five new features, and is packed with small refinements.

Enrollments: Recommended Modules

For Standard Enrollments, Modules can now be added as "Recommended." Completing Recommended content is not required in order to satisfy an enrollment. See this article for additional information.

Note: Recommended Modules are not available in Reoccurring Enrollments.

Enrollment: Pre-Activation Summary

Prior to activating an Enrollment, Admins will now get a confirmation modal (popup) that provides a summary of the enrollment’s schedule, key settings, and audience details so that the admin has an opportunity to double check the specifics and can activate the enrollment with confidence.

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OnTrack: Media Integration | Video

We now support the ability to embed videos from your Wisetail media library directly into your OnTrack checklists. See this article for further information.

OnTrack: New Question Type | Person

We now have a person question type to support processes around people  such as on-boarding, audits, compliance confirmation, etc.

New Report: OnTrack Submitted Checklists

We’ve unlocked data and insights with the new Submitted Checklist Report, allowing admins to report, save, and schedule delivery of your OnTrack submissions.

Bug Fixes & Minor Changes

In addition to new functionality, we also poured our focus an attention into quite a few minor enhancements and bug fixes in the following areas:



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