Feature Release - 2024 January (v5.47)

by C.W. Holeman III


In addition to the many bug fixes, and minor tweaks we roll out with every release, we got a lot done this month! Without further ado, here's the list:

  • Duplicating a Module with a different associated role is now available.
  • New Sort Filters for some types of Content:
    • Admins can now find the content they need quickly and easily with new filter and sort options on the following content types: Events, Checklists, Tests, Question Banks, Flashcards, and Homework.
    • On each of the list content pages, additional information has also been added to each item so that context is provided to the Admin during their filtering and sorting efforts.
  • Restricting module results in Global Search.
    • You can now restrict individual modules form showing up up in Global search results, up until a user has begun the module.
    • Be aware:
      • Restricting a module will hide it from searches from that user, even if they are enrolled in it.
      • This setting will not eliminate the module from search results via Local Search: Learn Page.
  • You can now right-click to open Modules & Users in new tabs from the Admin Tool.
  • Quick Enrollments Enhancements.
    • Selecting users for a Quick Enrollment just got easier: When the Admin is on the Users page and looking to select several individuals to quick enroll, they will be able to select users from different pages, different search results and filters and each of their selected users will be retained. Once all desired users are selected, the Admin can click the Quick Enroll button to get started on creating their quick enrollment.
    • Easier identifications of permissions conflicts: With this new enhancement, admins are given clear information about user permissions for each of the modules that have been added to a Quick Enrollment.
  • Retaining Module Sorting Settings when navigating away from the page:
    • Under the Modules page in the Admin Tool, an Admin’s sort settings will be retained even after they navigate away and back to the page.
    • The system will now remember the settings admins have set from their last session on the Modules page and duplicate the settings in subsequent logins, thereby allowing you to more easily and quickly find what they need to find on the Modules page.
    • Just remember, these are kept! So you may now have unexpected filters when you initially load the modules list.
    • Speaking of new things in the Admin Tool, you can now open Modules & Users directly in new tabs.
  • More clarity on Profile Field changes for partial admins:
    • Users who have been granted the ability to edit “Admin’s Value” of multi-Select profiles fields will now see the profile fields associated with the user that do not match their own, but will be unable to change them. There will be a lock icon displayed next to the field value.
  • Some information text has been added to the InApp Inbox to indicate to users that messages will be deleted from the Inbox after 30 days. This text is available in all LMS languages.
  • Introducing OnTrack Manager.
    • Introducing our largest update yet to OnTrack roles. With the all-new system role, OnTrack Manager, we can now create rules-based manager groups and configure scope, granting additional privileges in OnTrack as well as reporting privileges to OnTrack Managers for the configured units (locations).
  • Announcements Widget: UI Adjustments.
    • It’s now easy to see if there are widget-level permissions when creating a new announcement in the announcement widget!


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